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Are you a parent and find it difficult to manage the pocket money for the kids. Especially the young ones. Having to find the correct change when they come to collect and they never seem to have it with them when you are at the shop and they want to buy something or they lose it. Bank accounts are expensive and a hassle because you have to transfer into their accounts and then they have to draw it again at the ATM. Are you forgetting to give them their pocket money or to add the money that Aunt Judith gave them for their birthday or subtract when they borrowed to pay for the skateboard? With all these problems sometimes the pocket money system just don't happen...that is why we made kidsMOOLA. Making it easy for the parent to manage their children's pocket money.

You as the bank
Kids Money

So you signup. Add each of your childrens name. Then specify how much and how regularly they receive their pocket money (lets say $10 every week) and Presto! Once a week their virtual account will be incremented by $10. So when you are at the shop and they want to buy something, you pay for it (like you normally do) and then you can login to the site via your smartphone, tablet or pc and subtract the amount from their virtual account. And when they receive that $100 gift from Aunt Judith you add it to their virtual account(so you don't feel bad when you use that $100 bill the next time you are at the shop - it has been accounted for!). When they need cash you give it to them and then subtract the amount from their virtual account. kidsMOOLA...problem solved.