What to do after you signed up?
Create an account for your child by supplying a name and also an amount you would like him/her to receive weekly and also on what day you would like it to happen. If you would not like to give a weekly amount then specify 0. Also specify the currency. Then every week on that day the virtual account is incremented by the amount you specified. You don't need to do it manually. If you do pay for something or give the child cash you create a transaction and specify the amount and select action 'Withdrawl'. If you would like to add an extra amount to the account then create a transaction and select action 'Deposit'. You can view a list of transactions by clicking 'show' next to the childs name. Use the feedback form if you have any questions or comments.
What does it mean that the app is in preview?
This is the first draft of the app we created and we invite you to use it and give feedback. We use it for our own children and would like to have something that is usefull for other people as well. Some things are not as polished as they can be (yet) and some things will change while it is prepared for public release. We appreciate your input and participation.